DS18_2013/14: Architecture, Energy, Matter 1- OPEN Exhibition


DS18 was awarded the prize for Best in the Show of the University of Westminster’s OPEN2014 Show. Judging  was by Mike Guy, Harry Charrington, David Scott and Kate Heron. The award was based on curatorial coherence, completeness, and evident engagement by the whole studio.

The DS18 show had a number of collectively produced components – a Fracked Urbanism sign hung at the end of the exhibition corridor; ten maps of fracked landscapes in the USA on large scale banners hung in the exhibition space; booklets of data mined during the course of the studio hanging adjacent the banners; a model of the Isle of Purbeck made of hand cut corrugated card on the floor of the exhibition space showing the locations of individual Hyperobject/MicroPublicPlace proposals; a video of student work and model making process. Framed drawings of individual student projects were hung on the parallel walls of the space, with small medallions to indicate where they were located on the site model.

DS18_Open2014_Fracked Urbanism Banners

DS18_Open2014_Fracked Urbanism Banners and Data Mining Booklets

DS18_Open2014_Hyperobjects/Micropublics Model and Video Screen

DS18_Open2014_Isle of Purbeck Model

DS18_2014_Hyperobjects/Micropublics Model Detail

For more of the studio’s briefs and individual student work go here and here.



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