This is the blog of Lindsay Bremner, set up to record intersections between architecture, geology and politics. It is interested in architecture as geological form(ul)ation, in the political life of geo-architecture and in the history of geological thought in architecture. It is a vehicle for recording and disseminating work being undertaken through research, field work and teaching at the University of Westminster, London, UK.

Bremner is Professor and former Director of Architectural Research in the School of Architecture and the Built Environment at the University of Westminster, where she teaches DS18 with Roberto Bottazzi and supervises PhD research. The work of  DS18 is covered under the teaching tab in this blog. Bremner is currently holder of Monsoon Assemblages, ERC Starting Grant no. 679873 (2016-2021), undertaking research on the urban monsoon in Chennai, Delhi and Dhaka. For more on this project go here.

Bremner was previously Professor of Architecture in the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia (2006 – 2011) and Chair of Architecture at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg (1998 – 2004). She has published, lectured and exhibited widely on the Indian Ocean and the transformation of Johannesburg after the end of apartheid, including the book, Writing the City into Being: Essays on Johannesburg 1998 – 2008 (Johannesburg: Fourthwall Books) available here.

Bremner holds a B.Arch degree from the University of Cape Town and M.Arch and DSc.Arch degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

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  3. Dear Lindsay: I hope you’re well. I was reading the website for this exhibition, and thought you might be interested in the artist, Allan Sekula, whom you may already know. I worked with him on two projects in the 90s, and he was an advisor (along with you) on the “The world in my street” project at Temple. https://frieze.com/gallery/thyssen-bornemisza-art-contemporary?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=Culture%20Bulletin%20Mar%2031


  4. https://geoarchitecture.wordpress.com/

    Placed comments on Lindsey Bremner’s blog

    Dear Lindsey,
    I’m writing a textbook entitled “Essentials of Modern Communications” to be published by Wiley. I need your permission to reproduce the map of undersea (submarine) fiber-optic cables created by Ben Pollock. This map is shown here.

    I’d like to e-mail the official request from Wiley, where the requested figure is shown. Kindly return it to me via e-mail at your earliest convenience.
    I’d greatly appreciate your collegial assistance.
    Thank you,
    Professor Djafar Mynbaev

    Dr. Djafar K. Mynbaev
    Professor and past chairman
    Department of Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering Technology
    New York City College of Technology of the City University of New York

    300 Jay Street, V-733, Brooklyn, NY 11201
    Fax: 718.254.8643
    e-mail: dmynbaev@citytech.cuny.edu


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