Architecture, Energy Matter Published

Architecture, Energy Matter, DS18 2013 – 2015, edited by Lindsay Bremner and Roberto Bottazzi has been published, as the first in the University of Westminster Department of Architecture’s new Studio as Book Series.


As well as an edited selection of work produced by students in Design Studio 18’s during its first three years, it contains essays by Nick Axel, Lindsay Bremner, Roberto Bottazzi, David Chandler and Lesley Green and an interview with Kiel Moe by Etienne Turpin and Tom Holderness. These situate the aims of the studio, to approach problems of energy. energy infrastructure and resource extraction as architectural questions, in a wider intellectual and socio-political context and lays out the studio’s computational agenda.


Students whose work is published in the book are Andrew Baker-Falkner, Jed Baron, Rupert Calvert, Cheryl Choo, John Cook, Sophie Fuller, Niall Green, Mattew Hedges, Jessica Hillam, Claire Holton, Philip Hurrell, Alex Jaggs, Oscar McDonald, Michael O’Hanlon, Shiue Nee Pang, Ben Pollock, Alice Thompson, Jack Thompson, Calvin Sin, Iulia Stefan and Emma Swarbrick.

John Cook. Subterranean Landscape.

John Cook. Subterranean Landscape.

Andrew Baker-Falkner. Simulation of Air Pollution.

Andrew Baker-Falkner. Simulation of Air Pollution.

For further information about the Studio as Book Series, go here.

To purchase Architecture, Energy Matter on Amazon go to (UK) or (USA). Alternatively copies are available at the bookshop at the University of Westminster’s Marylebone Campus.



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