Honorable Mention Pamphlet Architecture 36

I am delighted to announce that the entry I submitted for Pamphlet Architecture 36 with Carol Farbotko, Etienne Turpin and students in DS18 at the University co-tutored by Roberto Bottazzi, was awarded an honourable mention. The call, by Princeton Architectural Press, asked for proposals that developed architectural propositions that addressed a future world of climate change and refugees fleeing war and political chaos. These were to be based on the concept of buoyancy and lift (“Floating Cities”), and to offer visionary solutions providing housing, clinics, and community services to 1,500–2,000 inhabitants with incremental additions while incorporating innovative technologies. The call referred to the Maldives as likely to be the first nation in history to be fully submerged by the rising ocean as an example of this challenge. In response to this, the proposal we developed, titled “Thinking Architecture from the Maldives” contested this premise, asking whether visionary proposals for floating mega-cities were, in fact, the solution for twenty-first century planetary problems.

The following list of winners was announced by Princeton Architectural Press last night:

First Place: “Buoyant Clarity,” by Christopher Meyer, Daniel Hemmendinger, and Shawna Meyer of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The winner receives a $7,000 USD honorarium to prepare Pamphlet Architecture 36 to be published by Princeton Architectural Press in spring 2018.

Second Place: “Niebla” by Sarah Zewde of Seattle, Washington. The second-place winner receives $2000.

Third Place: “Buoyancy: Typologies, Technologies and Social Systems for a Floating City” by Volkan Alkangolu, DESIGN, of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The third-place winner receives $2,000.

Honorable Mention: 1. “Thinking Architecture from the Maldives” by Lindsay Bremner, Carol Farbotko, Etienne Turpin and students of DS18 at the University of Westminster co-tutored by Roberto Bottazzi, of London. 2. “Wet.” by Erik L’Heureux and Joshua Comaroff of Singapore. 3. “Anticipating Urbanism” by Adam Kelly, Arthur Kirkwood, Chrysa Theodorou, Emily Xiao, and Robin Søndergaard of Edinburgh. 4. “3.C. City” by Amale Andraos and Dan Wood (WORK) and Chip Lord and Curtis Schreier (Ant Farm) of New York City. 5. “Middle West” by Mark Yu-Chen Lien, Lu Xu, and Linjun Yu of Ithaca, New York. 6 .“Planetary Power and the Celestial Context” by Clouds Architecture of New York City. 7. “Drift City” by Seth McDowell of Charlottesville, Virginia. 8. “Territories of the Gulf State” by Jared Winchester of Albuquerque, New Mexico. 9. “The Excity” by Lluis Juan Liñán of Houston, Texas.

The contents proposed for “Thinking Architecture from the Maldives” were:


Lindsay Bremner: Architectural Imaginaries of the Ocean,  Rethinking Archipelagos from the Maldives. Carol Farbotko: Wishful Sinking. Etienne Turpin: Afterword


Jessica Hillam: Funadhoo Island Resilience Strategy. Oscar McDonald: Male Sea Level Rise Toolkit. Ben Pollock: Maafushi Island Climate Adaption Interface. Iulia Stefan: Sand Bank. Alice Thompson: Maldives E-waste Exchange.

World Maps

Jessica Hillam: World Map of dredging operations. Oscar McDonald: World Map of climate change risks.Ben Pollock: World Map of telecommunications networks. Iulia Stefan: World Map of artificial islands, World Map of illegal sand trade. Alice Thompson: World Map of mineral extraction and e-waste.


Jessica Hillam: Turbulence caused by dredging. Ben Pollock: Disruption of wave energy by a tetrapod. Iulia Stefan: Wave motion acting on sand. Alice Thompson: Bioluminescence.

The projects, world maps and simulations were produced during the 2015/16 academic year by students in Design Studio 18 at the University of Westminster, co-tutored by Lindsay Bremner and Roberto Bottazzi.

This is the proposal that we submitted:

Cover Pamphlet Arch Spread 2 Pamphlet Arch Spread 3 Pamphlet Arch Spread 4 Pamphlet Arch Spread 5 Pamphlet Arch Spread 6 Pamphlet Arch Spread 7 Pamphlet Arch Spread 8 Pamphlet Arch Spread 9Cover2

The PDF of the proposal is here: Pamphlet Arch 36



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