Networked Futures: The Politics of Urban Infrastructure

The LSE Cities Programme will host a workshop on Tuesday 27th August, 14.00 – 18.00 titled ‘Networked Futures: The politics of Urban Infrastructure’. It will examine infrastructure as a site of urban politics, planning, and governance in a global context. Of special interest is how urban infrastructures are managed and experienced in the face of ecological, economic, and political uncertainty. Focusing on the creation of infrastructural connections and disconnections within and between cities, the discussion will highlight the materials, practices, and imaginaries that come together in pursuit of networked futures. Speakers will be:

Adriana Allen,  SeniorLecturer at the DPU of UCL, whose work focuses on the interface between development and environmental concerns in cities of the global South.

Nikhil Anand,  Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Minnesota, whose research focuses on the political ecology of urban infrastructures in Mumbai.

Idalina Baptista, Sir Nigel Mobbs Research Fellow for the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities at the University of Oxford, currently working on the case of prepaid electricity in Maputo Mocambique to examine the challenges of accessing utility services in the global South.

Lindsay Bremner, Director of Architectural Research at the University of Westminster, who will present her work on the new port at Lamu in Kenya, as a case study of competing models of globalisation in the Indian Ocean World.

The event is open to the pubic, but will be kept small to encourage focused conversation. It requires registration. For more information go here.


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